‘It’s something big for us that I had never imagined’  said Nelly Torres…She said she was speechless and appreciates the work of all the volunteers”  (New Hampton Tribune, 20 July 2012, p. A8)

‘We had gotten so used to making do,” said Storlie. Storlie said the experience has been very odd and part of her still can’t believe it. ‘It’s a whole new place.’ said Storlie (New Hampton Tribune, 26 July 2013)

Video created by Pat Johnson as a “thank you”.

“The new windows are probably my favorite addition. It will help with bills in the long-run. Plus the kids can see out of our home now whereas we used to have windows covered for safety and insulation reasons,” said Laura Bentley, “the kids also seem happier with the new colors and renovated playroom.”  “(Project Flo Holds Sentimental Value to Family.” New Hampton Tribune. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 July 2015.)

New Hampton Tribune July 29, 2013:

“A tip of the hat …

To the children of the late Flo Throndson for their work on “Project Flo,” in which they renovate, repair and refresh a home. It’s a remarkable way to remember a remarkable woman, and we think it says something about the way Flo Throndson raised her children.”


thank you


Email from the web site:

Name: Staci S.

Comment: Just wanted to thank you for the work you did on South Chestnut Street last week.  We live nearby and have heard many neighbors who appreciated all your work.  What an impact you have on those families selected.  The house looks great!

Time: July 6, 2015 at 7:12 pm


st joe

New Hampton Tribune – Thursday August 6, 2015:

“But before we start thinking about fall, we have plenty of folks to celebrate for a great July, for they really do make Chickasaw County and the surrounding area a great place to live, work and play.”

“A tip of the hat …

To the family of the late Florence “Flo” Throndson for memorializing this great lady with “Project Flo,” an annual project in which family members help better the community she called home.”


Text received November 26, 2016 from Angela Frisbey:

“We wanted to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Also, to Thank you again for all your family has done for us. God bless.”

June 2016 New Hampton Tribune Article:

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