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Project Flo is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve communities by restoring homes and building hope.

For more information on Project Flo, please visit our Overview page.

Make your calendars for next year’s project!

June 22-27, 2023

VGM Group Donates to Project Flo

VGM Group-logo

VGM Group has announced a $2,000 donation to Project Flo!

About VGM Group:

As a 100% employee-owned company, VGM Group strives to make the communities our employees call home better by donating to organizations focused on improving life for the people they serve.

Leah and Florence were kindred spirits. Hard working, stoic, ever faithful and a loving stalwart mother.

We are humbled by this gift and promise to work hard to make Leah and her family proud.


Project Flo’s Jennifer Knutson Awarded

Daily Point of Light Award!

Founded by President George H.W. Bush in 1990, Jennifer is the official 7,295th “point of light.”

Jennifer doesn’t hide in the shadows. You’ll find her working right alongside any and all doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

As a board member, she is our motivator and epitomizes Mom and Dad’s compassion. We are blessed to have her.

We see your light Jennifer and all of us at Project Flo raise you up for everyone to see!


Story: Former Social Worker Keeps Her Family Legacy of Service Alive

Project Flo Awarded Theisen’s More for Your  Community Grant

We are all in this together and with partners like Theisen’s, we can make a huge impact on the community we serve. We are humbled to be awarded $1,00 and $1,000 in gift cards, which will be used during our 2022 projects. Thank you Theisen’s!

Theisens Comm Grant 2021

Theisens Community Grant 2021

Theisen’s More for Your Community Grant awards over $350,000 a year to agencies that most effectively, directly serve the basic needs of families and children, which includes food, shelter, education, safety and health. Learn more here. 

Project Flo would like to thank


Prairie Meadows for the Community Betterment Grant 

blackhawkBlackhawk Gaming Commission

for making Project Flo 2022 possible through their generous grants!

eBay Charity Page

Shop or sell and support Project Flo on eBay. Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. You will also be able to easily donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits. The eBay for Charity platform makes it all happen! Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

2 Responses to Project Flo Current News

  1. Susan hastings says:

    I would like you to consider shingeling my garage. It is a single stall. I could also use a new storm door on the east side of my house. I live at 307 north Broadway ave in new Hampton

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