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Project Flo is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve communities by restoring homes and building hope.

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June 23-28, 2022

Project Flo Awarded Theisen’s More for Your  Community Grant

We are all in this together and with partners like Theisen’s, we can make a huge impact on the community we serve. We are humbled to be awarded $1,00 and $1,000 in gift cards, which will be used during our 2022 projects. Thank you Theisen’s!

Theisens Comm Grant 2021

Theisens Community Grant 2021

Theisen’s More for Your Community Grant awards over $350,000 a year to agencies that most effectively, directly serve the basic needs of families and children, which includes food, shelter, education, safety and health. Learn more here. 

Project Flo would like to thank


Prairie Meadows for the Community Betterment Grant 

blackhawkBlackhawk Gaming Commission

for making Project Flo 2022 possible through their generous grants!

Project Flo 2021 – All Complete

This year we would like to share comments made on the Impact Survey we send to our homeowners upon work completion. Friends, if you ever wondered if your contribution makes a difference, let us allow this homeowner to speak to that:

“Project Flo has changed our lives. We now have quality of life for the remaining years in the home we love. The stress of the big jobs that needed finished is gone and a constant weight that colored every aspect of our lives has been lifted. They now made it possible for us to use our home in the way we have always intended and create the memories with our grandchildren.

Besides all the work project flo did for us. The money spent, the time given to jobs that desperately needed doing, each person restored not just our homes, but us. Gave us back to ourselves. Dusted us off and stood us up. There was no judgement, only love. There was a complete an utter respect we haven’t felt in years. incredibly, not just by one but by each person that walked into our property and set their hands and hearts to jobs that would take crushing weight off of our shoulders. Covid made you feel disconnected from people, being disabled makes you question your own worth. Sometimes you feel as if you have been left behind and that there are chasms between you and other people. They closed that gap. The eyes gave us the gift of helping us to help ourselves again.”

That’s powerful! You gave them “the gift of helping us to help ourselves again”. We hear this often and how your works and gifts restore their faith in humanity. Your continued commitment helps us plan and execute these life changing projects.

Our mission has helped more families take control over their homes and give them the ability to take control of their homes and restore their faith in humanity. Your generosity has helped Project Flo cultivate that excitement and we are forever grateful.

This year Project Flo volunteers completed the following projects (see for more details):

  1. Project 1 – Senior couple in Nashua
  • Shingle one side of roof (shingles donated by Owens Corning)
  • Primed and painted soffit (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Sided two sections of house—Stated again below
  • Install fence panels
  • General Clean Up:
  • Cleared brush / removed debris
  • Organized wood / moved metal piles
  • Removed a number of logs and stumps
  • Sided back of house and outbuilding—Stated above
  • Cleared and organized garage and several outbuildings
  • Cleared and organized deck
  1. Project 2 – Couple in Nashua with children
  • Painted the entire exterior of house. (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Prepped, primed and painted attached and detached garage. (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Painted metal shed (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Replaced 15 windows
  • Removed window and finished with siding
  • Stained front and back decks
  • Replaced wood siding outside of garage
  • Cleaned/repaired gutters
  • Dirt to fill holes in yard
  1. Project 3 – Young single mother in New Hampton
  • Remove bushes around house.
  • Replaced stone steps and replaced with wooden steps and handrail.
  • Low maintenance landscaping planted.
  • Replace 11 windows
  • Cleaned and repaired gutters
  • Patched holes in foundation
  • Brought in dirt to fill holes in yard and landscaping area
  1. Project 4 – Wheelchair dependent senior – Lawler
  • Carried large items from basement to 1st floor
  • Organized basement
  • Pressure washed house and garage
  • Install two transition strips between rooms
  • Replace burnt / unsafe electrical outlets
  • Made bathroom vanity wheelchair accessible
  • Replace shelf under kitchen cabinet
  • Install an anchor for a door to basement
  • Replaced/repaired sliding glass door screen
  • Secure handrail leading to basement
  • Installed wider steps and handrail off back deck
  • Hauled and disposed of unwanted items
  1. Project 5 – Senior in poor health – Alta Vista
  • Installed 13 windows
  1. Project 6 –Disabled male – Alta Vista
  • Replaced back steps
  1. Project 7 – Parish Center
  • Removed old and installed new cement caulk in sidewalk

Project Flo 2020 – Is in the Books!

I think we can all agree, 2020 has been a trying year. Especially for everyone trying to maneuver this global pandemic! When assessing the feasibility of whether or not to move forward, the board went to their volunteers and prayer. The answer was unanimous! 2020 was a “go”!

We scaled down our projects to complete our scope of work and not exhaust our volunteer base. Everyone masked up, washed their hands, social distanced and hunkered down to complete our commitment. In the end, we took a step back and were amazed at all we were able to accomplish.

We cannot express our gratitude enough! Thank you, volunteers. Thank you, donors. Thank you, businesses! Thank you, prayer warriors! Such an amazing village!

From Project Flo Association board of directors and from our families, whose lives have been forever changed and who are eternally grateful, THANK YOU! We appreciate you!

  1. Project 1 – Senior couple in Lawler*
  • Prepped, primed and painted the entire exterior of house. (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Prepped, primed and painted a garage and outbuilding. (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Reinforced and replaced roof on garage and outbuilding. (shingles donated by Owens Corning)
  • Replaced 13 windows
  • Replaced front door
  • Backdoor replacement coming soon
  • Rebuilt the door on an outbuilding.
  • Primed and painted propane tank.
  • Landscaped around the house.
  1. Project 2 – Veteran in New Hampton 
  • Prepped, primed and painted the entire exterior of the house. (paint provided by Sherwin Williams at a reduced cost)
  • Replaced Roof (shingles donated by Owens Corning)
  • Power-washed garage
  • Removed old concrete porch steps, replaced with new wooden steps and reconstructed to make it safer.
  • Patched foundation
  • Replaced wood siding as needed
  • Replace 2 windows
  • Install shower upstairs
  • Dirt fill added to the yard to deflect runoff from next door parking lot
  1. Project 3 – Senior couple in Lawler
  • Removed trash and debris from around and inside the house.
  1. Project 4 – Parish Center
  • Repainted stage
  • Pressure washed the outside of the center
  1. Project 5 – Donated Storage Space for ProFlo Trailer
  • Scraped and Painted

Pictures are being organized and should be up soon!

eBay Charity Page

Shop or sell and support Project Flo on eBay. Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. You will also be able to easily donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits. The eBay for Charity platform makes it all happen! Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities.

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2 Responses to Project Flo Current News

  1. Susan hastings says:

    I would like you to consider shingeling my garage. It is a single stall. I could also use a new storm door on the east side of my house. I live at 307 north Broadway ave in new Hampton

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