60 for 60 Campaign

Project Flo 2016: On the back row to the right right in the Cabelas cap

Confidential 60 for 60 Campaign Honoring Betty Throndson

For the past five years, Betty has given her sweat, time and talent to Project Flo Association, a non-profit to honor our mother, Florence Throndson, and her life-example cheerfully caring for each other by giving back any way you can, with any amount you can, whether that’s your time, talent or treasure.

To celebrate Betty’s milestone birthday, we are asking her friends and family provide 60 donations (of any amount you are able) to Project Flo by May 31, 2019.

If you wish to write a few comments to include with your check, or as you donate online, there is a space to “leave a comment”. We will be sure to share those with Betty, in fact, we know Betty loves games and if the comment is unique enough, we will read the comment and have Betty guess who wrote it!

To donate online, please use the above “Donate” link that will take you to Paypal.

*PayPal keeps 2.8% of the gift

To donate by check, make check payable to:

Project Flo Association with “60 for 60” in the memo line.

Mail to:

Project Flo Association

Sixty for Sixty

PO Box 604

Shell Rock, IA 50670-0604


Your donations will be kept confidential until the party, where we will surprise Betty with a total! We will also share with Betty your personal contribution and comments. If you would like any part of your information private, please indicate that with your donation or you may contact us at the email below.

Thank you for being part of this special event! Please email terrykwms@gmail.com with any questions you have!

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